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Infants & Toddlers

Not only quality child care, but an exciting learning experience.

Happy Faces Forever, Day Care & Learning Center nurtures Infants and Toddlers from 12 weeks to 24 months old. We understand that the experiences that an infant has during the early months of life are critical to healthy brain development. Our establishment has designated a special nursery area that’s designed to create a “second home” like atmosphere for infants and toddlers. Babies need to feel loved and cared for, they need to be where they can trust their surroundings and caregivers. Special attention and meaningful relationships with parents is one of our top priorities here at Happy Faces Forever.


Each and every baby is very important to us and we know that every baby is different. That is why, we generate a schedule and feeding plan that meets your baby’s specific needs.


Our Program


Our infants  and toddlers program provides a fundamentally proper learning environment that allows babies to be confident, successful, lifelong learners. Our infants are engaged with activities that stimulate the brain and encourage first words. Your little one will have an exciting day filled with learning, playing and interactive activities among other children to help him/her grow in every way possible. Here are some of our program focus areas:


  • Imitating teachers speech, rhythms and inflections
  • Interacting with picture books and listening to stories and songs
  • Exploring self-expression through arts and crafts
  • Lifting head, rolling from side to side and crawling
  • Practicing standing and walking with direct support from attentive teachers
  • Hand and body movements through song and dance
  • Exploring the environment through sight, sound and touch
  • Interacting with objects of different shapes and colors


Our Twos Program prepares children scholastically and sociably for Preschool.

Happy Faces Forever, Day Care & Learning Center accommodates Twos from 24 months to 36 months. At this age we continue to offer our children with a caring and nurturing environment. We provide them with a sense of security and prepare them for their first school experience. Our well experienced staff strives in providing them with guidance and understanding of the world around them thru hands on experience.


Our program provides a fundamentally proper learning environment that allows them to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.


Our Program


Our twos program brings further knowledge of colors and shapes. We also provide an introduction to numbers and letters which are thought thru learning games, dancing and singing. Our program includes arts and crafts where we introduced various methods such as finger painting and doodling. We provide manipulative activities such as dough playing, building blocks and many more. Here are some of our program highlights:


  • Impersonating and reacting to the words and actions of others
  • Recognizing familiar items and sounds
  • Establishing dialogue through the use of images and puppets
  • Developing strong listening skills through storytelling
  • Interacting with other children in group sessions
  • Learning about body parts through interactive computer software
  • Running, crawling, jumping and tossing in an indoor playground setting
  • Identifying and sorting basic colors


Our Preschool program prepares children academically and sociably for Pre-Kindergarten

Happy Faces Forever, Day Care & Learning Center accommodates Preschool children from three to four years old.  At this age, the children are growing with expanding interest as they continue to explore their environment and experiment with their use of language. We emphasize that all preschool children learn all the necessary skills to succeed in Pre-Kindergarten and to continue to thrive academically.




Our preschool curriculum consists of activities that involve letter recognition, colors, shapes and numbers. Arts and craft time is conducted by carefully and patiently dictating instructions. Children are involved in cutting, pasting, drawing, coloring, painting and more. Our qualified teachers ensure that the children develop positive social skills and learn to communicate among peers effectively, molding them into the confident, successful, lifelong learners they can be.

All children are taught social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills appropriate for their group age. Here are some of our curriculum highlights:


  • Speech Performance: Cultivating and challenging children’s vocabulary and literacy improvement by forming short sentences, repeating, learning new words and numbers.
  • Math Concepts: Building numerical skills to help children solve ordinary problems.
  • Discovery Science: Encouraging curiosity and analytical approach to science.
  • Arts & Crafts: Promoting acknowledgment of the arts through self-expression. Projecting their imagination and creative thinking thru music and dramatic playing.
  • Nature’s Beauty: Enhancing children’s impression of responsibility and sympathy.
  • Health comes first: Developing the knowledge and skills to practice healthy lifelong habits. Instructing of self-hygienic skills such as teeth brushing and hand washing.
  • Social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills: Practicing conversation skills thru group story-telling. Playing alongside other children as a group to promote companionship and team play. Sharing and cooperating with each other. Indoor and outdoor play such as ball bouncing, jump rope, dancing and many more.


Our Pre-Kindergarten program assures school preparation by promoting children’s proficiency.

Happy Faces Forever, Day Care & Learning Center accommodates Pre-Kindergarten children from four to five years of age. We know that Kindergarten is a sensational point in the lives of both children and their parents. Our proprietary program is designed to get your child well prepared for school by teaching the alphabet and consonants, phonetic sounds, significant math concepts, collaborative social and organizational skills as well as independent play.




Our pre-kindergarten curriculum offers a wide variety of activities that constitute the basic foundations of learning. Children are introduced to a fun and safe classroom environment designed to build up their self-esteem and responsibility while learning. Here are some of our curriculum highlights:


  • Speech Performance: Expanding pre-kindergartners proficiency to read, write, and communicate effectively.
  • Math Concepts: Building numerical skills to help children solve ordinary problems.
  • Discovery Science: Encouraging curiosity and analytical approach to science
  • Arts & Crafts: Promoting acknowledgment of the arts through self-expression.
  • Nature’s Beauty: Developing a sense of citizenship and social responsibility in the world around them and globally.
  • Health Comes First: Developing the essential skills of healthy eating, exercise, safety habits, and self-esteem.
  • Social, emotional, physical, intellectual and organizational skills: Collaborating and sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings among peers. Gaining awareness by dancing to music. Cooperating and problem solving among children. Working independently on assignments. Learning to recognize emotions in others. Learning how to ask the right questions. Understanding the concept of time by imitating real life scenarios.

Before & After School

We provide school age children with the most exciting Before and After School care in the area.

Our program not only provides care for your child but includes time for learning, playing, homework and physical activities. We also provide full-time care when children are on school break or summer vacation. This program is available for elementary students to make use of the time between school and their parents’ work schedule. We try our hardest to make your child feel at home by guiding them with their daily homework assignments while also making it a lot easier on you.


At the start of our day, being that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we offer your child a well-balanced breakfast before going to school. When school is over, your child is picked up by one of our staff members. Upon arrival, children are given a snack that will energize them throughout the remainder of their day. Following snack time, children are prepared to work on their homework with guidance from our qualified teachers.


We believe that it is important for your child to be involved in activities that contribute on the development of social skills and independence. Our wide arrays of activities include puzzles, board games, computerized and interactive learning software via PCs or tablets and much more. While allowing your children to enjoy their stay at our center, we make sure that all of the activities they are engaged in are regularly supervised by our qualified staff.

Summer Fun Camp

Join us next Summer for lots of fun, exploration and friendship.

Our summer program is designed to keep your child fully delighted, engaged and entertained in the most sensational in-door and out-door summer recreational activities in the area.  From sports, music and art to natural encounters and science experiments, your child is sure to enjoy one of the safest and most memorable summer experiences that last a life time.


Our camp develops a fun and educational program of activities that keeps children entertained, cheerful and learning all summer long. Playing at the park, using their surroundings and excursions help children discover science, explore nature, develop in creative arts and learn about the world we live in.


*This program is only available for preschool and school-age children.

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